Senior Reading and Writing 高級閱讀及寫作班

Age 13+  Time 9:00am–12:00pm  Fees $3,600

Senior Writers’ Club

Learners will engage in a variety of guided practice using the ‘genre’ approach to writing. Learners will study specific text types and learn how audience and purpose determine the text type they need to produce. They will also develop writing skills using graphic organizer frameworks and explicit editing checklists.

Activities include reading modeled and guided practice writing, research based learning, discussion, drafting, conferencing, editing and writing polished pieces.

Teaching objectives

The student will:-

  • Use familiar patterns texts in own writing
  • Find words in dictionaries and create own dictionary
  • Rely on key words for understanding when reading texts or when listening to texts read aloud
  • Follow written and verbal instructions
  • Use a variety of strategies, including graphic organizers, to prepare for writing (for example, making lists, mapping ideas, story webs, rehearsing ideas, writing well constructed detailed paragraphs – topic sentences and points of elaboration; appropriate connectives and punctuation)
  • Write Spell words with accuracy
  • Add texture and interest to texts through the use of less familiar adjectives, adverbs and figurative language
  • Write a first draft focusing on meaning rather than accuracy
  • Produce polished copy after proof reading, conferencing, evaluating and editing
  • Learn the difference between informal and formal language.


Students will examine a variety of age appropriate texts both factual and creative; read independently and in small groups; examine different text types on chosen theme and extend and build a more sophisticated vocabulary by noting and using previously unknown words found in the texts selected.

 Students will read, analyse, plan and write the following text types:

  • Recounts
  • Narratives
  • Poems
  • Reports
  • Procedures
  • Explanations
  • Expositions
  • Discussions

年齡 13+  時間 上午9:00am–中午12:00  學費 $3,600




  • 使用熟悉的文本模式寫作
  • 在詞典中查找單詞並創建自己的詞典
  • 靠讀本或傾聽理解的關鍵詞
  • 遵循書面和口頭指導
  • 使用各種寫作策略, 包括圖形來組織,準備寫作(例如,製表,繪製想法,故事網絡,排練法想,編寫良好構建的段落主題句和闡述點; 適當的連接詞和標點符
  • 準確地寫出拼寫單詞
  • 使用較不熟悉的形容詞,副詞和比喻語言,為文本添加組織和趣味;
  • 撰寫初稿,重點是意義而不是準確性;
  • 通過校對, 研討,評估和編輯後改善寫作
  • 明白正式與非正式的言辭分別


學生會審查各種適齡的文字,包括事實和創意; 獨立閱讀和小組閱讀; 審查所選不同主題的文本, 並通過選文本中所學的單詞來擴展和構建更複雜的詞彙。


  • 敘事
  • 敘述
  • 詩歌
  • 報告
  • 程序
  • 說明
  • 詳細闡述
  • 討論