Senior Oral Language 高級會話班

Age 13+   Time 9:00am–10:30am  Fee $2,040

Learners will engage in a variety of verbal and non-verbal activities. They will learn to listen for information and provide appropriate answers. They will learn the importance of body language, as well as the ability to pronounce words and use the stress and intonation patterns of English.

Activities include reading aloud, practice phrasing questions and responding in an appropriate manner depending on the situation and the audience. Students will be engaged in presenting both formal and informal talks in a small group situation.

Teaching objectives

The student will:

  • Follow written and verbal instructions
  • Develop reading habits and build their capacity to reflect on what they have read
  • Speak with a degree of fluency without causing undue strain to the listener
  • Improve listening skills
  • Learn the appropriateness of speech in a variety of situations
  • Add texture and interest to texts through the use of less familiar adjectives, adverbs and figurative language
  • Draft text taking into consideration length of talk and speed at which the talk will be delivered
  • Use of a variety of language structures and appropriate connectives to enhance speech
  • Pronounce words correctly; use appropriate phrasing, stress and intonation patterns
  • Become more confident speakers


Students will examine a variety of age appropriate texts both factual and creative; read independently and in small groups; examine different text types on chosen theme and extend and build a more sophisticated vocabulary by noting and using previously unknown words found in the texts selected.

 Students will develop listening comprehension and presentation skills through:

  • Reading aloud with expression
  • Participating in sketches and role play
  • Identifying key words in a given text
  • Responding appropriately to questions on spoken and read texts by picking up on inferences and direct information
  • Developing appropriate format for oral presentations
  • Developing skills in the use of appropriate phrasing, register and tone
  • Using appropriate body language and gestures when delivering formal and informal talks
  • Responding and speaking confidently
  • Joining in casual conversations

年齡 13+  時間 上午9:00–上午10:30  學費 $2,040




  • 遵循書面和口語指示
  • 建立閱讀習慣,閱讀能力,以反思閱讀內容
  • 講一口流利,不會對聽眾造成不適當的壓力
  • 提高聽力技巧
  • 在各種情況下使用適當的會話
  • 使用較不熟悉的形容詞,副詞和比喻語言,為文本添加組織和趣味
  • 考慮到演說的時間和速度而起草稿
  • 使用各種會話結構和適當的連接詞來提升言
  • 正確發音,並使用適當的重音和語調,音準
  • 成為更自信的演講者


學生會審查各種適齡的文字,包括事實和創意; 獨立閱讀和小組閱讀; 審查所選不同主題的文本, 並通過選文本中所學的單詞來擴展和構建更複雜的詞彙。


  • 有表情朗讀
  • 參與概述和角色扮演
  • 識別文本中的關鍵詞
  • 通過推論和直接信息, 適當地回答口頭和閱讀的問題
  • 發展適當的會話表達格式
  • 發展使用適當措辭, 語域和音調的技能
  • 會談時使用適當的肢體語言和手勢
  • 自信地回應和對話
  • 閒聊