Senior Comprehensive English 高級中學綜合英語班

Age 13+ yrs  Time 9:00am–12:00pm  Fees $3,600

The Comprehensive English course is one where students will focus on the four-macro skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing through a metacognitive approach of modeling, practicing and applying. These skills will develop the learners’ confidence and overall competence in the use of the English language. In the course, students will be given practice in listening comprehension skills, reading for meaning. In addition students will develop awareness that the structure, organisation and grammar of both the spoken and written texts are governed by their audience and purpose.

Activities include reading a variety of theme based texts, modeled and guided practice writing, researching information, discussion, drafting, conferencing, editing, writing polished pieces, oral presentations and listening comprehension.

Teaching objectives

The student will:

  • Follow written and verbal instructions
  • Develop reading habits and build their capacity to reflect on what they have read
  • Use a variety of strategies to prepare for writing (for example, making lists, mapping ideas, rehearsing ideas, writing

tight paragraphs, using appropriate connectives and story webs)

  • Find words in dictionaries and create own dictionaries
  • Construct more detailed writing through the inclusion of examples
  • Add texture and interest to texts through the use of less familiar adjectives, adverbs and figurative language
  • Use appropriate punctuation
  • Write a first draft focusing on meaning rather than accuracy
  • Produce polished copy after proof reading, conferencing, evaluating and editing
  • Introduce use of a variety of language structures to enhance speaking and writing
  • Become confident speakers and writers
  • Pronounce words correctly and use appropriate stress and intonation patterns.


Students will examine a variety of age appropriate texts both factual and creative; read independently and in small groups; examine different text types on chosen theme and extend and build a more sophisticated vocabulary by noting and using previously unknown words found in the texts selected.

 Speaking – students will develop listening comprehension and presentation skills through:

  • Reading aloud with expression
  • Collaborating with others to write short play scripts
  • Participating in sketches and role play
  • Identifying key words in a given text
  • Responding appropriately to questions on spoken and read texts by picking up on inferences and direct information
  • Developing appropriate format for oral presentations
  • Composing a variety of speeches based on audience and purpose
  • Developing skills in the use of appropriate phrasing, register and tone
  • Using appropriate body language and gestures when delivering formal and informal talks.

 Writing – students will read, analyse, plan and write the following text types:

  • Recounts
  • Narratives
  • Poems
  • Reports
  • Procedures
  • Explanations
  • Expositions
  • Discussions

年齡 13+  時間 上午9:00–中午12:00  學費 $3,600

高級中學綜合英課程是著重於透過建模,實踐和應用的元認知方法給予學生專著發展四種技能:聽力,閱讀,會話和寫作。技能將培養學生在使用英語方面的信心和整體能力。在課程中,學生提高傾聽及閱讀理解能力。此外,學生會開始意識因讀者和寫作目的的影響, 令口語和書面文本的結構,組織和語法都受到約束。活動包括閱讀各種基於主題的文本,建模和指導實踐寫作,研究資訊,討論,起草,協商,編輯,改善寫作,演講和聽力理解。



  • 遵循書面和口頭指導;
  • 發展閱讀習慣,建立其的閱讀能力,以反思閱讀內容;
  • 使用各種寫作策略 (例如,列表,繪圖想法,排練想法,寫作使用適當的連接詞和故事網);
  • 在詞典中查找單詞並創建自己的詞典;
  • 通過列舉實例構建更能詳細寫作;
  • 使用較不熟悉的形容詞,副詞和比喻語言,為文本添加組織和趣味;
  • 使用適當的標點符號;
  • 撰寫初稿,重點是意義而不是準確性;
  • 引入各種語言結構的使用來加強會話和寫作;
  • 成為自信的演講者和作家;
  • 正確發音,並使用適當的重音和語調,音準。


學生會審查各種適齡的文字,包括事實和創意; 獨立閱讀和小組閱讀; 審查所選不同主題的文本, 並通過選文本中所學的單詞來擴展和構建更複雜的詞彙。

 會話學生將通過聽力理解和演講技巧發展 :

  • 朗讀表達
  • 與他人合作撰寫短劇本
  • 識別文本的關鍵詞
  • 通過推論和直接信息, 適當地回答口頭和閱讀的問題
  • 適當表達會話的格式
  • 基於聽眾和目的撰寫各種演講
  • 發展使用適當措辭, 語域和音調的技能
  • 會談時使用適當的肢體語言和手勢


  • 敘事
  • 敘述
  • 詩歌
  • 報告
  • 程序
  • 說明
  • 詳細闡述
  • 討論