Junior Reading and Writing 初級閱讀及寫作班

Age 6-8 yrs  Time 9.00am–12:00pm  Fee $3,600

The Junior Reading and Writing course will focus on the early stages of reading and writing for the students through interactive and stimulating classroom activities. They will learn how to read for meaning and discover different text types. Students will be guided through writing experiences using concept maps and editing checklists to ensure their writing is purposeful.

Teaching objectives

The student will:

  • Use familiar repetitive patterns from stories, in own writing
  • Use a variety of strategies to prepare for writing (for example, making lists, mapping ideas, rehearsing ideas, grouping related ideas, story webs)
  • Rely on key words for understanding when reading texts or when listening to texts read aloud
  • Follow simple written and verbal instructions
  • Attempt to construct more detailed writing
  • Begin to spell known words with some degree of accuracy
  • Plan before writing using a graphic organiser
  • Write a first draft focusing on meaning rather than accuracy
  • Produce polished copy after conferencing and editing
  • Experiment with some basic and less familiar adjectives, adverbs and punctuation markers.


Students will examine a variety of texts, both factual and creative; read independently and in small groups; examine different text types on chosen theme and extend vocabulary by noting and using previously unknown words found in the texts selected. Activities include reading, modeled and guided practice writing, discussion and drafting, conferencing, editing and writing polished pieces.

Students will read, analyse, plan and write to entertain, persuade and inform.

年齡 6-8  時間 上午9.00–中午12:00  學費 $3,600

初級閱讀及寫作班專注於學生的早期段閱讀及寫作,並通過互動和刺激課堂活動寫。將學習如何閱讀的意義和發現不同類型的文本。他們將學習如何閱讀的意義和發現不同類型的文本。學生將被引導, 通過寫作,利用概念圖和編輯清單,以確保他們寫作達到目的



  • 熟悉地在自己的寫作中使用故事常用的重複模式;
  • 使用各種策略來準備寫作例如:寫清單,測繪構思,預排構思,將相關的想法,構思組織圖;
  • 以關鍵字理解課文時或聽時的文本;
  • 遵循簡單的書面和口頭指令;
  • 嘗試構思更詳細的寫作內容;
  • 開始精確地拼已認識單詞;
  • 使用構思組織圖來準備寫作;
  • 構思初稿時,著眼於構思而不是精度;
  • 編輯後,文筆流暢;
  • 嘗試使用一些基本和不太熟悉的形容詞,副詞和標點符號標誌.


學生們將研究各種文本,事實和創意; 有獨自閱讀也有小組閱讀; 細閱不同主題文本類型並認識

新的詞彙. 活動包括閱讀各種題材基於文本, 仿照並指導寫作,討論,起草,編輯,改良