Social Skills Playgroup 社交枝能遊戲小組

Age 4-6 yrs  Time 12:30pm-2:30pm  Fees $2,500


Social Skills Playgroup is a behaviour-based program specialising in social skills development for children between the ages 4-6. We provide children the support they need to develop their confidence and skills while participating in a small group setting.

Our specialised instruction and small-class ratios teach children the skills they need to participate in open-ended group play with structured activities.

Teaching Objectives

The curriculum is designed teach social and play skills in a group setting by providing

  • Resources that evoke social interaction/communication and play skills
  • Visuals tools that support the curriculum
  • Repetition, reinforcement and consistency to acquire the skills
  • Frequent opportunities to practice specific skills

Learning Activities

Based on the needs and goals of participants our ILC class will focus on:

  • Gross-motor / Sensory-motor play;
  • Collaborative group projects such as construction and role-play;
  • Learning about being a good friend;
  • Play skills & group games;
  • Social pragmatic language skills which includes greetings, conversations;
  • Navigating peer relationships including taking turns and sharing; and
  • Social-cognitive awareness.

年齡 4-6 歲  時間 下午12:30 –下午2:30  學費 $2,500

社交枝能遊戲小組是一個行為發展計劃,目的是協助4-6歲的小孩發展他們的社交技能。我們提供支授以協助孩子透過參與小組活動從而發展孩子的信心和社交技能。在我們的專業指導和小班教學下, 孩子以他們學習所得的技能去參與特定的開放式小組活動。


  • 利用資源以啟發孩子社交互動/溝通和遊戲技能
  • 以視覺工具支援課程
  • 以重複, 增強和一致的練習方式去獲取技能
  • 透過多次的練習機會以達到具體的技能


  • 肢體運動 / 感知運動遊戲
  • 合作小組項目,例如 : 建設和角色扮演
  • 學習如何與人交往成為好友
  • 遊戲技能和群體遊戲
  • 務實的社交語言技巧,包括 : 問候和會話
  • 確定朋輩關係,包括 :輪候和分享
  • 社交認知意識