Foundation Reading and Writing 基礎閱讀及寫作班

Age 4-5 yrs  Time 9:00am-12:00pm  Fees $3,600

The Foundation Reading and Writing course will focus on the early stages of reading, writing, speaking and listening for the students through interactive and stimulating classroom activities. They will learn how to decode letter combinations and make meaning of what they are reading. This course will target the student’s level of competency as a starting point for future growth and direction.

Teaching Objectives

The students will have the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate basic skills of group interaction
  • Engage in tasks to develop writing skills
  • Begin to spell familiar words with a degree of accuracy
  • Sequence pictures and objects after story text
  • Develop awareness of rhyme and initial sounds
  • Develop symbol and word formation relationships through shared book activities
  • Develop good listening skills
  • Develop confidence in speaking

Learning Activities

 Activities include storytelling, shared books, sequencing, vocabulary building, arts and craft, songs, puppet plays, games, rhyming, initial phonics sounds, predicting and listening activities.

 The following topics will be covered through learning activities listed below:

  • Listening games to consolidate rhyming and phonemic patterns
  • Big book stories, felt board activities and nursery rhymes
  • Phonics with include long and short vowel sounds
  • Consonant Blends
  • Word families
  • Beat and repeat
  • Listening games
  • Developing fine motor skills through artwork and activities such as pre-writing activities, threading, cutting, construction and manipulating play dough
  • Sequencing, matching, games and puzzles

年齡 4-5  時間 上午9:00–中午12:00  學費 $3,600

從通過互動和啟發性課堂活動,注重學生的早期讀,寫作,會話和聽力。他們將學會如何解讀字母組合,讓他們理解其閱讀的意義。 本課程將針對學生能力的水平而作為未來的發展和方向的起點。



  • 基本群體互動的技能;
  • 發展的寫作技巧;
  • 開始精確地拼寫熟悉的字;
  • 閱讀故事後,順圖片和物件序;
  • 開發押韻和初始的聲音的認知;
  • 過圖書分享以發展符號和字的構造關係
  • 發展良好的聆聽技巧;
  • 發展演講信心




  • 聆聽遊戲以鞏固押韻和音位模式;
  • 大故事書,毛氈板和童謠;
  • 拼音包括長,短母音;
  • 混合輔音字母;
  • 字母群;
  • 節拍,重複;
  • 聽力遊戲;
  • 通過美術勞作和學習活動開發精細動作技能如寫作前的活動, 穿線,切割,玩和操作橡皮泥
  • 排序,配對,遊戲和拼圖