Foundation Phonics 基礎拼音班

Age 4-5 yrs || Time 9:00am-12:00pm || Fees $3,600 || Class Size 12

The Foundation Phonics course will give students the opportunity to develop important phonological awareness skills that will aid in their development of reading, writing and speaking. These skills will be developed through a wide range of phonic-based, written and hands-on activities in a fun, non-threatening way.

Teaching objectives

The student will:

  • Develop awareness and teach letter sound relationships
  • Recognise some sight words
  • Use rhyme and alliteration
  • Use segmenting
  • Develop visual memory skills.

Learning Activities

Activities include alliteration rhyming, predicting and listening activities, syllabification and segmenting, initial and final sounds, shared books, copying arts and crafts, songs, puppet plays and games.

 The following topics will be covered through learning activities listed below:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Rhyming – poetry, songs, jingles and rhyme through movement
  • Consolidate awareness of syllables in words through clapping names, listening games and everyday words
  • Introduction to phonemic awareness and letter blends
  • Names and numbers in conjunction with phonic and number rhymes and games
  • Word games – sounds like, nonsense
  • Reciting nursery rhymes
  • Recognising rhyming words
  • Listening to stories – looking at texts – big books
  • Matching letters and sounds to pictures
  • Making simple words using known letters
  • Introduction of common sight words

年齡 4-5 || 時間 上午9:00–中午12:00 || 學費 $3,600 || 每班人數 12



學生將: –

  • 發展並意識字母音的關係;
  • 承認一些常見字;
  • 使用押韻和頭韻;
  • 使用分割;
  • 發展視覺記憶能力.


活動包括頭韻押韻,預測和聆聽活動, 音節和分割, 最初和最後的聲音,共享的書籍,複製美術,勞作,歌曲,手偶劇和遊戲


  • 認識音位;
  • 押韻 – 詩歌,歌曲,順口溜和韻律通過運動
  • 通過拍手遊戲,聆聽遊戲和日常用語以鞏固音節意識
  • 介紹音位意識和字母混合;
  • 名字和數字結合拼音和數字歌和遊戲
  • 文字遊戲;
  • 背誦童謠;
  • 認識押韻的字;
  • 聆聽故事, 大書中看文字
  • 配對的字母聲音和圖片;
  • 用已知的字母造簡單的字;
  • 介紹常見的英文字