Foundation Oral Language 基礎會話班

4–5 years old  9:00am–10:30am  Fees $2,040

Foundation Oral Language aims to help students express themselves more fluently, clearly and confidently in a group setting. Students will participate in dramatic role-play; and have fun learning new words. They will learn the importance of gestures and body language and will be taught how to appropriately project their voice. Students will learn oral techniques and skills that build towards performance speech.

Teaching objectives

The student will:

  • Speak with a degree of fluency without causing undue strain to the listener
  • Learn the appropriateness of speech in a variety of situations
  • Focus on phrasing, intonation, stress and rhythm
  • Learn to pronounce words clearly and correctly
  • Learn the importance of body language and voice projection
  • Become more confident speakers


Activities include reading aloud, practice phrasing and responding in an appropriate manner depending on the situation and the audience. Students will be engaged in presenting both formal and informal conversations and speeches as well as performing short dramatic works in a classroom situation.

Students will develop their drama skills through the following:

  • Use of appropriate body language and gestures
  • Develop skills in the use of appropriate phrasing, register and tone
  • Present speeches confidently to an audience
  • Reading both poetry and prose for performance and reciting from memory
  • Miming
  • Improvisation

年齡 4-5  時間 上午9:00 –上午10:30  學費 $2,040




  • 流暢發言;
  • 學習在各種情況下使用適當發言;
  • 注重措辭,語調,重音和節奏;
  • 學會清楚,正確發音;
  • 學習身體語言及聲線運用的重要性;
  • 變成更加自信講者


活動包括朗讀,練習措辭並根據不同的情況和觀眾以適當的態度回應. 學生將參與展示正式和非正式的對話和演講,在課堂上表演短戲劇

學生們將通過以下, 發展其戲劇技能:

  • 適當運用身體語言, 手勢;
  • 運用適當的措辭,和音調;
  • 面對觀眾時能自信地演講;
  • 閱讀詩歌和散文來表演和背誦;
  • 模仿;
  • 即興