Discovering English 創意英語班

3-4 years old  9:00am –12:00pm  Fees $3,600

Discovering English is designed for young students to be immersed in highly interactive literacy activities to develop an awareness of reading, speaking and basic phonics skills. The program will provide the students with opportunities to practice their newly learned skills, explore English, learn and create through play in a non-threatening and fun-filled environment.

Teaching Objectives

The students will have opportunities to learn how to:

  • Sequence pictures and objects after story text
  • Develop awareness of rhyme and initial sounds
  • Develop symbol and word formation relationships through shared book activities
  • Develop good listening skills
  • Develop confidence in speaking
  • Express emotions and feelings
  • Perform skits, and stories
  • Develop some basic concepts of self and relationships with others

Learning Activities

Activities include storytelling, shared reading, sequencing, vocabulary building, arts and craft, songs, puppet plays, games, rhyming, initial phonics sounds, predicting and listening activities.

 Through Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Familiar topics and number games, children will participate in a variety of learning activities that include:

  • Listening games to consolidate rhyming and phonemic patterns
  • Big book, felt board activities and nursery rhymes
  • Pre-number rhymes and action songs
  • Basic Phonics and alphabet recognition
  • Developing fine motor skills through artwork and activities such as threading, cutting, construction and manipulating play dough
  • Simple role play– where learners take on roles and enter into drama as thinking participants
  • Express emotions and feelings through different modes such as mime, charades, puppets and skits
  • Sequencing, matching, games and puzzles

3-4 歲  上午9時-中午12時  學費 $3,600

在創意英語班, 學生可以高度互動的讀寫活動下專心發展的閱讀,會話和基本技能的拼音意識。學生從中有機會練習新學的技能,探索英語。在充滿樂趣的環境中學習



  • 閱讀故事後順序列出圖片
  • 發展發韻和最初的發音
  • 通過閱讀故事發展標誌,構詞關係
  • 良好的聆聽技巧
  • 建立會話信心
  • 表達情感和感受
  • 表演短劇,和故事
  • 建立我念及人際關係


活動包括講故事,閱讀分享,排序,建立詞彙, 美術勞作, 歌曲, 手偶劇, 遊戲, 押韻, 最初拼音, 預測和聽力活動.


  • 聽力遊戲,以鞏固押韻和發音模式
  • 大書,毛氈板和童謠
  • 前數童謠和活動歌曲
  • 基本拼音和字母識別
  • 通過勞作, 玩橡皮泥如穿線, 切割發展小肌肉
  • 簡單的角色,投入角色和戲劇, 思考
  • 表達情緒和感覺通過不同的模式,如啞劇,字謎遊戲,木偶和短劇
  • 排序,匹配,遊戲和謎語