Conversational English for Adults 成人會話班

Age 18 yrs and above || Time 9:30am–11:30am || Fees $2,500 || Class Size 12

Conversational English for Adults covers basics of conversational English, such as what you might say when you meet people for the first time and how to talk to people and make new friends. You will also be able to use what you learn in your everyday life and converse with others.

This course allows you to practice simple conversational techniques that will give you confidence when meeting and greeting people using the English language as well as reviewing basic auxiliary verbs, main verbs, adjectives and open ended questions. It is ideal for those who want to improve their basic conversational English and will help learners on their way to becoming more confident when communicating. You will be supported by our teachers who will deliver the curriculum in Cantonese and help you speak fluently in English.

Teaching objectives

The student will:

  • Speak with a degree of fluency without causing undue strain to the listener
  • Improve listening skills to recognise speech patterns
  • Learn the appropriateness of speech in a variety of situations
  • Focus on intonation, stress and rhythm
  • Learn to pronounce words clearly and correctly
  • Use appropriate connectives
  • Become more confident speakers and readers

Learning Activities

Students will familarise themselves with a variety of age appropriate factual and creative texts; read independently and in small groups; examine different text types on chosen theme and extend vocabulary by noting and using previously unknown words found in the selected texts.

Activities include reading aloud, practice phrasing questions and responding in an appropriate manner depending on the situation and the audience. Students will be engaged in presenting both formal and informal speeches in a variety of situations.

Students will develop listening and presentation skills through:

  • Reading aloud with confidence in class from chosen texts
  • Identifying key words in texts
  • Responding appropriately to spoken texts
  • Developing appropriate sentences
  • Composing a variety of speeches based on audience and purpose
  • Developing skills in the use of appropriate phrasing, register and tone
  • Using appropriate body language and gestures when delivering talks
  • Discussion groups
  • Participate in role play with other members of class

年齡 18歲及以上 || 時間 上午9:30–上午11:30 || 學費 $2,500 || 每班人數 12

由國際學習中心開設的英語會話課程,提高的基本英語會話, 並幫助學員在溝通時,變得更有自信。語涵蓋英語會話的基礎知識,例如,初次見面,以及如何與人交談和結交新朋友時,你會說什麼。你也可以應用你在日常生活中學到的東西和他人交談。

本課程允許練習簡單的會話技巧,這將使您在運用英語會議和問候人時以及審查基本輔助動詞,主動詞,形容詞和開放式問題時, 更有信心。這是理想的班來改進英語會話及加倍自信。這是理想的英語會話班, 以改進溝通能力, 並且將加強自信。我們的老師將以廣東話授課,並幫助您用英語流利地話。



  • 講一口流利英語,而不會給聽眾造成不必要的壓力
  • 提高聽力技能以識別說話方式
  • 學習在各種情況下說的適當性說話
  • 專注於語調,重音和節奏
  • 發音清晰,正確
  • 使用適當的連接詞
  • 成為更自信的講者和讀者


學生將會熟悉各種適齡的事實和創意文字; 獨立閱讀和小組閱讀; 審查所選主題的不同文體並通過注意和使用選文本中所學的前新單詞來擴展詞彙。活動包括朗讀,練習短語問題,並根據情況和觀眾以適當的措詞作出回應。學生將在各種情況下參與正式和非正式演講。


  • 班中自信地朗讀選擇的文體
  • 識別文中的關鍵詞
  • 對口頭文本進行適當回應
  • 運用適當的句子
  • 根據觀眾和演講目的撰寫各種演講
  • 使用適當的措辭,音區和音調
  • 會談時使用適當的肢體語言和手勢
  • 小組討論
  • 與其他同學一同參與角色扮演