ILC Guidelines 中心規則


All classes will be held at the Australian International School Hong Kong, 3A Norfolk Road, Kowloon Tong. Room numbers will be advised in confirmation letters.

Our School Day

Students attending class for three hours (9:00am-12:00pm or 12:30pm-3:30pm) will have a short 15 minute break. Parents are advised to pack for their child a small snack and a drink or water bottle.  Parents of all Early Childhood students (aged 3-5) should also pack spare clothing (including underwear).

Enrolment Procedure

  1. Enrolments will only be processed upon payment for course applications.
  2. Successful applicants will receive email confirmation before the start of the term, including advice of room location and teacher name.
  3. The provision of courses is subject to the discretion of the ILC. The ILC reserves the right to:
  • cancel the course if the number of applicants falls below the required minimum;
  • change the time, date, venue, class size or teacher should this be necessary;
  • move a student to another course if necessary.

Medical Information Forms and Emergency Procedures

A Medical Information Form is required for all enrolled students.

  1. Parents of new students must complete the Medical Information Form at the same time as enrolling their child.
  2. Parents of existing students will be asked to update this form every 12 months.
  3. Parents are responsible for advising ILC of changes to emergency contact details as soon as possible.

Failure to provide the current Medical Information Form may result in student exclusion from class.

In case of serious accidents where immediate medical care is required and parents/guardians cannot be contacted for immediate instruction, ILC may authorise medical or surgical attention as deemed necessary in an emergency.  Where an ambulance is needed to send the student to hospital, the student will be accompanied by an ILC staff member.

Requests for Course Change or Refunds

  1. No refund will be given for missed classes if the student is absent for personal or health reasons.
  2. Refunds will only be provided when an enrolment application is not accepted, a child’s enrolment is terminated or if the course is cancelled.
  3. If classes are cancelled due to extenuating circumstances or inclement weather and in accordance with Hong Kong Education Department Bureau’s Guidelines, no refund, credit or makeup classes will be provided.
  4. Any administration requests including changing classes and cancellation of cheques will result in a nominal administration fee.

Enrolment Conditions

  1. Parents or guardians are solely responsible for the safety of children before and after class.
  2. Parents, guardians and students should not be on the school grounds for more than 15 minutes prior to or 15 minutes after class scheduled time.
  3. While on school grounds, students and parents should not be in any other area of the school except in allocated classroom.
  4. Penalty for late pick up will be $500/child/hour to pay for after hours supervision.
  5. No car parking will be provided on school grounds. For safety reasons, please do not double park outside the school or block the entrance to the school carpark.
  6. During each class, children will have a 15 minute break. Parents or guardians must ensure their child brings to school a small, nut-free snack and a filled water bottle.



  1. 填妥報名表格所需要資料及付款支票郵寄到 香港九龍九龍塘羅福道3號A
  2. 只接受支票或現金。
  3. 支票請寫明給 Australian International School Foundation Limited
  4. 在支票背面, 請寫下你的孩子的名字,並在支票背面的課程編號.
  5. 成功申請者將於課程開始前7日收到確認電郵
  6. 課程的規定是受中心的決定權。本中心保留的權利:
  • 如果報名人數低於最低要求,取消課程。
  • 更改時間,日期,地點和每班人數。
  • 必要的教師變動。
  • 學生或因其教育需要而被調配




現有學生, 其家長會被要求每12個月更新






  1. 不退款將給予,除非申請報名不被接受或課程被取消。
  2. 只有在不接受註冊申請,孩子的註冊被終止或課程被取消時,才會提供退款。
  3. 由於情有可原的情況下或因惡劣天氣,課堂被取消,根據香港教育統籌局的指引,不予退款,賒賬或補堂。
  4. 任何管理請求,包括更改課程和取消檢查將導致最低管理費。





  1. 學生上堂前後的安全,歸父母或監護人全權負責。
  2. 上堂前15分鐘及課堂後15分鐘,家長,監護人和學生不應該在學校逗留。
  3. 假若學生於課堂後未能被接回,罰款為每學生每小時$500為支付監督費。
  4. 學生和家長或監護人不應該在學校的任何其他地方逗留,除了在被分配課室
  5. 沒有停車場將提供。基於安全理由, 請不要在校園外泊車或阻止的入口, 以防阻礙學校的停車場。

若上三小時的課(9:00上午- 12:00中午或12:30中午-3:30下午)學生將有15分鐘的小息。父母應當為孩子準備小食和飲料或礦泉水瓶。