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Welcome from the Head of the International Learning Centre

On behalf of the International Learning Centre (ILC) team, I wish you a very warm welcome.

The ILC has been a vibrant and wonderful place to learn and grow for over 15 years and offers opportunities for students to learn and improve their English and Interpersonal skills through a structured yet flexible program,  using the Australian curriculum. Classes are held at Australian International School Hong Kong in Kowloon Tong.

Each term we provide important knowledge, skills and understandings that will enhance each student’s ability to apply learning in many ways using their English skills. The scope of our courses is extensive and many of our students use this as a platform to access the curriculum of the many International Schools in Hong Kong and Universities around the world.

We are committed to providing a challenging and rigorous Curriculum that helps each student progress at a developmentally appropriate rate and provides a safe and nurturing environment. Our students are at the heart of everything we do. Teachers review student educational needs regularly and inform the parents each term through a variety of reporting strategies on the learning growth of their child.

With smartboards, computers, iPads in all our classrooms, Information and Communication Technology is integrated into many aspects of our teaching and learning.

“It takes a whole village to raise a child,” and in partnership with families, we work tirelessly to give your sons and daughters every opportunity to succeed. By being actively involved, you are sending your child a positive message that school and education are very important.

We know that choosing the right English school for your sons and daughters is an important decision.  The ILC provides many opportunities for students to identify their strengths and acquire interpersonal skills required for being a life long learner. I  invite you to explore our facilities and programs through this website. All  course listings are bilingual for your easy reference and convenience. All enrolment forms are online and downloadable for your easy access.

We offer Early Childhood, Junior, Primary and Senior Programs to students ranging from 3 to 18 years old. There are over 20 classes to choose from. In addition, our families have access to the International Learning Centre English Library.

If you would like more information about the International Learning Centre or wish to take a tour please contact our Administrative Assistant Ms Beatrice Lam at beatrice_lam@aishk.edu.hk or ilc@aishk.edu.hk or telephone on + 852 2304 6078

It is a privilege to lead the International Learning Centre and I look forward to meeting and working with you and your family.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Joanne Reed | Head of International Learning Center


我代表國際學習中心歡迎你。十五年來, 國際學習中心是一個充滿活力和理想的學習和發展環境。它通過一個結構靈活的澳洲課程, 為學生提供使用澳洲課程來學習和提高英語水平的機會。課程於香港九龍塘澳洲國際學校課室進行。


我們致力於提供一個具有挑戰性和嚴謹性的課程,幫助每個學生以適當的速度發展, 進步,並提供安全和培育的優質環境。我們的學生是我們所做的一切的核心。教師定期回顧學生的教育需求, 並通過每個學期的學習報告知家長學習的策略。

隨著電子白板,電腦, iPads在我們所有的課室,資訊及通訊科技全面融入了我們的教學和學習。

“要整個村莊養孩子”,我們與家人合作,不懈努力,給學生們一切成功的機會。通過積極參與,您正在向您的孩子發出積極的信息,表明學校和教育非常重要。所有的課程資訊是雙語的,以方便參閱。所需表格已上載, 以便參閱和下載。


我們為三至十八歲的學生提供幼兒,初小學,高小學和初高中英語課程。中心有二十多個課程可供選擇。 此外,我們的學生可以使用中心英文圖書館, 在整個一周內,您可以與孩子分享故事書。


如欲了解更多有關國際學習中心的信息或希望參觀,請聯絡我們的行政助理Ms. Beatrice Lam在Beatrice_lam@aishk.edu.hk或ilc@aishk.edu.hk或致電+ 852 2304 6078

Mrs Joanne Reed | 國際學習中心經理